William A. Galston
Regional Inequalities
Fighting the Geography of Discontent

Neoliberal policy failures have played a critical role in shaping today’s regionally splintered political landscape. It’s time to revisit old economic orthodoxies and chart a sane path forward.

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America Self-Contained? A Symposium
Obama’s Bumpy Road

Obama will need the courage of his convictions if he is to have a lasting legacy as a foreign policy strategist.

Evolution, Not Revolution

A reply to Walter Russell Mead.

Old, Gray and Here to Stay

Here’s a bold private insurance solution for aging Boomers.

A Mixed Picture

The Obama Administration is a work in progress, and a fair-minded report card would feature far more incompletes than letter grades. Still, one may venture some interim judgments.On the positive side, the President has put in place a competent White House and Executive Branch, which seem to be functioning reasonably smoothly and with no more […]

Intelligent Design

New policies can’t work without innovation in governmental design.

The Great Divide

America’s “red/blue” political divide is real, but both its novelty and significance are overstated.

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