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After the Midterms
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Tender is the Night
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Rethinking Privilege
The World Today
A Message from the Publisher
Securing the Peace
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
How the security issue, far from being an intractable impediment, could help set the foundations of an Israeli-Palestinian peace.
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Identity Crisis
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A NATO Base in Poland
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American Institutions
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Putin's Retirement Plan?
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Working It Out
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Refuting the Doomsayers
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The AI Podcast
With Richard Aldous
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The Middle East & Beyond
Niagra Falls Moment #3
Shocked and Surprised

The revelations of a “resistance within” the Trump Administration are surprising in their details. But what is happening now was always inherent in the idea of a Trump presidency.

Democracy, Development & the Rule of Law
TAI Podcast
Interrogating Identity

A conversation with Richard Aldous on the origins of modern identity politics.

Democracy Square
A New Beginning
Welcome to Democracy Square

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this blog about the issues and challenges confronting democracy at home and abroad.

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