Wang Jisi
The Birth of a Disunited States of America?

Verteran “U.S. watchers” in China received a rude awakening to a divided America on the morning of November 9.

China's Game of Thrones
China in the Middle

China’s growth enables it to be truly, for the first time, a Eurasian power between East Asia and the West. A pan-peripheral grand strategy would suit it best.

America Self-Contained? A Symposium
The US-China Codependency

China and the U.S. each need the other to remain economically vibrant, and both will benefit from a U.S.-led global order.

Patience and Resolve

It is in the best interest of China to see a nuclear-free Korean peninsula; that’s what the Chinese government should want, has wanted and still wants. The reality, however, is that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has already obtained nuclear weapons, as proven by its two tests, and has accumulated enough nuclear materials […]

Reflecting on China

What are the sources of the American image around the world? How has it changed in recent years? And what, if anything, can the U.S. government do to shape that image? The American Interest posed these questions to a distinguished group of international observers. Their answers reflect diverse histories and circumstances, and offer some useful […]

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