Tyler Cowen
What Comes Next
America’s Placebo President?

For Trump supporters, the best-case scenario for the next four years may be the illusion of control.

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The Coming Crony Capitalist Crackup
A Conversation with Ralph Nader

TAI board member Tyler Cowen recently spoke with activist and presidential candidate Ralph Nader about his new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, which looks at some of the ways American politics is aligning against crony capitalism and special privileges for corporations. The following is an edited version of their interview. You can download the unedited transcript of the interview here.

What Export-Oriented America Means

The logic of globalization implies that the U.S. economy will become more export-oriented. But what does that really mean for American society and politics—especially if we succeed?

The Inequality That Matters

Most claims about inequality are groundless. One, however, is not.

Anti-Capitalist Rerun

A new champion of docu-mendacity is born.

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